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$10,000 DIY Event!

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Fusion Street Tacos, Mac and Cheese Bar, Decadent Cookies for 1000 guests!

Looking for a simple, fun event. Feed 1000 with this simply delicious and easy menu, chef crafted to delight all your guests.

Fusion Tacos: Barbacoa beef, Tequila lime chicken, and/or Chipotle pork, vegetarian option select the portobello, spinach and sweet chili filling. Customize your tacos with honey lime slaw, queso fresco, guacamole, chipotle cream, and two salsas. Accompanied by Bean Ragout.

DIY Mac and Cheese: This delicious twist on everyone's favorite comfort food is a crowd pleaser! Guests enjoy three types of mac and cheese to include broccoli and bacon, buffalo and southwestern. Served with a house salad and fresh baked wheat rolls.

Iced tea, gourmet desserts and dispoables always included.

$10,000 per 1000 guests.

Call for details or order now. 1 week advance notice requested.
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