Ancient Grain, Assorted Salads in a Jar!

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12 servings

 Simply shake and eat!

  • Ancient Grain Salad w/Chicken - Ancient grains (farrow, millet & quinoa), tomatoes, carrots, Spring greens, Flame grilled chicken and Balsamic dressing.
  • Southwest Fiesta - Flame grilled fajita chicken, spring salad mix, tomatoes, black beans & corn, tortilla streamers, and guacamole ranch dressing.
  • Thai Chicken Salad - Spring salad mix, Flame grilled chicken, carrot & red cabbage slaw, tomatoes, edamame, and Thai sesame dressing.
  • Power Packed Protein Salad - Fresh Spinach, Flame grilled chicken, blueberries, almonds, sunflower quinoa,  and Balsamic dressing.
  • Very Veggie - Assorted lettuce mixes, garden fresh veggies, and Balsamic dressing.

Includes fresh baked wheat roll, dessert, and iced tea.