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Salads, Box Lunches and Sandwich Trays


If “corporate catering” is not is not a phrase that puts your imagination in gear, then you have not tried Post Exchange catering! Our meals are created using our imaginations, years of training in catering and a sense of what people want. What people want nowadays is healthy meals that also stimulate the taste buds, flavors that intrigue and leave you wanting more. Our meals are gastropub style gourmet creations that will leave you feeling satisfied, without feeling heavy or that you’ve over indulged.

Jar Salad: Trendy and Delicious

Who else offers an Ancient Grain Salad in a Jar with Flamed Grilled Chicken? Maybe you’d make it, if you had time. Don’t get stuck eating fast food because of your busy lifestyle. Have us cater your lunch and you can enjoy meals like this that are healthy, interesting and above all delicious.  

If you are feeling a bit more traditional you can opt for our executive box lunch. They may be more

traditional, but they are by no means ordinary! Or to be very clear, the Boardroom Boxed Salads won’t leave you bored. You have a the choice of 6 types of meat to top your salad. You can choose from BLT Chef, Southwest Fiesta, Buffalo Chicken, Asian Chicken or Caesar with Blackened Chicken, Honey Salmon, London Broil. It may take a while to decide which one you love the most, they are all so unique and delicious!

Post Exchange has an easy to use online ordering system too, so you can get your order in with as little hassle as possible. All meals come with complimentary freshly brewed iced tea.


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