Catering that Takes Meat Seriously!

31st Aug 2016

Post Exchange Corporate Catering takes meat seriously. We offer a number of healthy dishes that let you enjoy succulent meats to fill you up and let you enjoy a high protein meal without feeling heavy or overfull. We know that a high protein meal is a great way to eat healthy and even lose weight. Carbohydrates burn quickly by turning into sugars but proteins are used slowly by the body and the energy they give you lasts and lasts.

We are the catering company to turn to when you want healthy meals that also give you what you crave. And we don’t just do meat, we do meat well! To learn more, keep reading!

Catered Surf and Turf Lunch

One dish that demonstrates this with mouth watering precision is our Surf, Turf & Fowl Salad Bar. We call this a salad bar, but the meat is the star of this dish. At just $14.95 per person with a 10 person minimum, this meal will delight guests and employees alike, and saves time and money by bringing lunch to you.

Imagine fresh salmon, beef, and chicken that is grilled over an open flame that seals in the flavor. We then slice the meat and present it on a large platter. You take your pick of these luscious selections and then fill your plate with spring green salad with your choice of dressing. This meal comes with a wheat roll for you to sop up the delicious juices and fresh fruit. If that isn’t enough to fill you up, this meal also comes with our fresh brewed iced tea and Sweet Street Desserts.

Old Fashioned Roast Beef

It’s a great moment when you realize one of your favorite dishes is also healthy! Nothing beats our Old Fashioned Roast Beef for traditional satisfactions. We make is just loike mom used to! We slow cook pot roast until it reaches the perfect point of tenderness and succulent goodness. We serve the roast beef with roasted carrots AND green beans, a wheat roll. This meal comes with dessert and fresh brewed iced tea. This meal is just $14.99 a person and for just $2.49 you can add an additional side dish.

When you need a catering company that offers healthy food that doesn’t leave you craving flavor, turn to Post Exchange. We service most of Metro-Atlanta. Call today or use our handy online ordering system.