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Brilliant B2B Formula

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Ok folks, here it is, the secret sauce everyone wants to know. The B2B formula that makes it all work together like the sections of an orchestra when they make beautiful music. The only difference . . . we make beautiful food. Rather then getting the brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion to come together in flawless execution. We have fresh sourced ingredients, talented chefs, dedicated teams and implementation plans that bring that flawless execution to offices throughout Atlanta. The Atlanta catering scene for corporate meals is booming and we are delighted to be a leader in this segment of foodie trends.

What's the secret sauce?

You probably know already. Of course our customers tell us our food is amazing. But that's not it. Have you seen our vans and the fun we have when traveling all over the metro to deliver smiles daily. Nope, that's not it either. It's in the systems we have created thru 24 years of launching new and fun services our clients love. Ok really that is not it but this is. You guessed it, our team of wonderfully talented people who give so much of themselves to test products, craft menus, expedite deliveries making sure our clients are informed and happy throughout the entire event process. Yes, the true heroes of the Post Exchange story are our team members. Why? Because we believe in working with integrity, in creating value for our customers and in doing good everyday. We are RAKtivists! If you don't know what it is, feel free to google it. We are changing the world by choosing kindness one delivery at a time. 

B2B Formula

Businesses like to partner with other businesses for the greater good. It is not a secret that kindness fosters more kindness. At our team meetings we talk about how we can impact change in a positive way. This past week our team purchased, organized and created shopping bags(blessing bags) filled with toothpaste, peanuts, deodorant and wipes among other things.  They were given out downtown to any friends who needed a little fresh hope and a few toiletries. PEC likes to partner with like minded people who want to do good everyday. If that is you, try out our BBQ Sandwich Extravaganza or the refreshingly simple and delicious watermelon cucumber salad. And maybe you will even catch our RAKtivists in action sometime.

Summer office food 101

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What's Trending in the Office Lunch Test Kitchen

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Post Exchange Catering Launches New Technology

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to never have to wonder where your lunch delivery is? No more concerns about whether your delivery driver is lost somewhere on 285 making loop after loop. And never make the call again, "is my delivery driver almost here?"  Maybe you are a sales representative and not [...]

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Love is in the Air . . .and in our food!

Food and LoveWith the excitement of Valentine's Day right around the corner, there is good old fashion foodie love being cooked up in our kitchen. When you think about it, food and love have a lot in common. At Post Exchange Catering, we are in love with our food. Everyday we design, create and deliver [...]

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New Year Resolutions are Easy with Our Fit-a-licious Menu!

We all made it through another holiday season, and if you made it through without gaining any weight, you are likely in the minority! From office treats to making sugar cookies with the kids to fattening, but irresistible beverages, the calories have been building up and they are making themselves known to waists across [...]

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Gluten-free and Vegetarian Options

Ordering catered meals to meet everyone’s dietary needs can be tricky. One person is gluten-free and another is a vegetarian. Many corporate catering companies don’t offer options that meet people’s varying needs, but Post Exchange does!Gluten FreeWe have lots of options for your gluten-free employees, guests or customers. They will be impressed with the fact [...]

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​Holiday Lunch Options

There are lots of options for you to choose from when you are planning the holiday party for your hard-working team. You could have a potluck, but that is not really a reward for your team, and everyone is so busy this time of year that it is highly likely that you’ll end up with [...]

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The Show Must Go On!

With just a few weeks until the Holiday break, people are getting excited. Everyone is talking about the trips they’ll take and the gifts they are giving, but in the meantime, the work of the office must go on. You can treat your staff to a treat and still get the work done! Post Exchange [...]

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