Corporate Catering for Every Mood and Occasion

25th May 2016

We all know the wisdom saying that everything has its season. When it comes to corporate catering, we at Post Exchange Catering have a meal for every season, mood, and event. We know you’ll be delighted with the flavor, the wide variety to choose from, and the service.

Lean and Luscious!

  • Our Fitalicious meals are available for those everyday needs of watching your calories and your nutrition, while still wanting the best tasting, most satisfying meals.
  • We have Box Salads with the protein of your choice, a wide choice of dressings, and healthy spring mix salads.

Feeling Indulgent?

  • For those occasions when you just want to relax and not count calories, we have amazing, hearty, and scrumptious meals that will please everyone in the crowd.
  • Consider our lasagne: layers of pasta, meat or veggies, cheese, and a delicate sauce will satisfy any appetite.
  • This meal is accompanied by a Caesar Salad and garlic bread.
  • Our famous Sweet Street Desserts and freshly brewed iced tea come with this meal.

No Time to Stop?

  • We know that when business is booming, there are days when the whole team has to buckle down and work through lunch or even dinner.
  • Reward the loyalty and hardwork of your employees with a great meal to keep their fires burning brightly!
  • Our Boardroom Box Lunches are nutritious and a real treat.
  • The Boardroom Box Lunches include your choice of three from this list: half a gourmet wrap, a potato bar, homemade soup, Caesar Salad, and Garden Salad.
  • This meal is accompanied by wheat rolls, Sweet Street Desserts, and fresh brewed iced tea.

We also know you don‘t always have time to spend on hold to order our corporate catering meals, and that’s why we offer easy online ordering. Try it today, and enjoy your meal from Post Exchange tomorrow!