Feeding Corporate Culture

29th May 2015

Post Exchange is Atlanta Metro’s Top Rated Local® caterer specializing in corporate catering. We service the towns of Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell Alpharetta to name a few. We understand that we provide a service beyond mere food. We know that catering a meal be it breakfast, a boardroom box lunch or an event with multiple buffets, is more than feeding your employees, clients and guest. Food is part of a corporate culture and corporate culture is an essential part of a modern, successful corporation. Corporate culture includes everything from the dress code and work space arrangement to the tone the upper management sets by their interaction with subordinates. Offering corporate catered events makes employees feel taken care of, and appreciated. And, of course, people would generally rather work for a company with a positive, familial culture than receive certain perks.

People everywhere want to feel that the loyalty they give their employers, through their work and dedication, is returned. Adding a family feel to corporate culture also improves teamwork and camaraderie. And we all know that without teamwork no corporation can run like a well-oiled machine that makes profits. Teamwork is improved by inter-departmental interaction and sharing delicious catered meals is a great way to promote this because people like to mix and mingle. Corporate culture also adds to retention rates. People are less likely to look for a job elsewhere if the corporate culture make them feel like part of the family. This topic is far from exhausted and we will return to it in future blogs. In the mean time, boost your corporate culture by having Post Exchange Catering cater your next breakfast, lunch or corporate event. For your convenience, you can order online.