Light Lunches Allow Indulgent Dinners!

1st Dec 2016

Traditionally, this is the time of year of feasting and enjoying the company of friends and fine foods. Of course, it is usually followed by the the season of gym memberships! It can be so hard to resist the tempting treats that are offered to us at every party. One way to let yourselves enjoy these calorie-filled treats is by eating light lunches. Post Exchange corporate catering has just what you need to keep your calorie count within reasonable limits so that you can indulge in something sinful later in the day.

Eating Light Doesn’t Have to Mean Going Hungry!

Treat your employees to a Surf, Turf & Fowl Salad Bar. This lunch item lets you start with a healthy, lo-cal plate of spring greens with your choice of dressing. Top your greens with a healthy portion of protein-rich meat. We offer the freshest salmon, beef, and chicken that has all been grilled over an open flame. This choice comes with fresh-brewed iced tea and Sweet Street Desserts (we can’t help ourselves - they are so good!).

Our Fit-a-licious Menu offers plenty of options, and there is surely something to please everyone. Our Boardroom Boxed Salads are a popular choice. You can offer your employees the following choices: BLT Chef, Southwest Fiesta, Buffalo Chicken, Asian with Blackened Chicken, Caesar with Blackened Chicken, Honey Salmon, or London Broil. These options all start with a satisfying portion of spring greens that are dressed up to please! These salads come with thirst quenching, fresh-brewed iced tea.

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