Live Today, Stop Waiting

Posted by pxcater on 8th Jan 2014

I was reading an article over at on the difference between living life and not. It was such an inspiring article and I encourage everyone to read it. I will leave the link for you at the bottom of this article. The writer brought up a point that I don’t think we discuss or appreciate enough, and that is the fact that people are more motivated and passionate today than they have ever been. People are beginning to realize that running the rat race everyday, coming home and repeat, isn’t the best life one could live. I believe social media has given regular individuals an outlet to create and produce with other passionate individuals and to do it for free with things like Wikipedia or Instagram. Both created by friends and strangers who came together to create something cool for the greater good online. I’m finding there to be more entrepreneurs, more dreamers, and more go-getters than just 10 years ago. The only thing I can think of that has contributed to this boom of passionate people is digital media.

I believe once people began to see companies like Facebook get started by teenagers, or Amazon the Marketplace take off, they began to realize that this is a new medium that they could take by storm. I say to that, you couldn’t be more right! The time is now to go after your dreams and there is guaranteed audience and fan base waiting for you online. So my question is what are you waiting for? Live today, and stop waiting! Don’t sit on your dreams any longer, and don’t sit on your couch either! I swear the couch is this black hole that is terribly hard to get out of, especially when paired with a 50-inch high definition television. Trust me, I know! Turn off the T.V., pull out your pen and paper and start living today! I believe in your dreams, and if they can do it, so can you.

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