March Madness and Corporate Catering?

Posted by pxcater on 24th Mar 2014

March brings the excitement of college basketball that grips the nation old and young, male and female. Millions of fans are glued to results as 68 teams compete for basketball’s most coveted prize. Calling it right this year could even win you a billion dollars through Quicken Loans or $10,000 through ESPN which is more than enough for me. I am not a huge fan of March Madness but how can you not enjoy the uplifting stories like the Mercer University’s win over Duke. Anything is possible if we believe it is possible. From mid March through the first week of April the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s basketball tournaments dominate the headlines with exciting last second hoops and dashed hopes. What does all this have to do with corporate catering? Nothing and everything all at the same time. It’s all about passion and excitement. Have you ever watched Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen? There might not be a billion dollars on the line but none the less food stirs emotion just the same. Think of the excitement around Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Championship, Holiday meals prepared from generations of love, and yes March Madness parties. Businesses love food for their employees no matter what the theme and that’s where corporate catering comes in. Make sure your employees know they are loved and appreciated by getting those delicious catered lunches for in-office March Madness parties or just to celebrate the beginning of springtime. Like March Madness food feeds the passions and stirs emotions . . . just think of your favorite dessert and old family traditions!