Not All Catering is Created Equal

27th Sep 2017

Wedding. Birthday Party. Family Reunion. Cocktail Party. There are caterers who do elegant beautiful weddings joining two people and two families making forever memories. There are caterers that like to prepare food for friends and family as a hobby from their home or church kitchen. There are caterers for every occasion under the sun who specialize in nothing. Then there are caterers (like Post Exchange) that know who their target market is. They know what their clients’ needs are. They have researched demographics, corporate structure and developed industry relationships. In 1993 Post Exchange Catering was founded based on filling a need and a niche market specializing in the Atlanta corporate catering environment.

Corporate Etiquette

Our clients love us because we focus on corporate dining solutions and their needs exclusively throughout the Atlanta catering market. The PEC team of delivery ambassadors are trained in corporate meeting etiquette. They dress in professional culinary staff attire. They are efficient and quick understanding there are agendas and time constraints that corporate meetings adhere to. The PEC team is professional and quiet being very cognizant and respectful of the office or group being served.

Work Lifestyle Balance

That’s right! Unbelievable! A successful caterer that does not do weddings. A happy catering company that provides flexible hours where employees who are Moms and Dads can be home to meet the bus and enjoy after school activities with their children. 24 years ago our mission was to create a business with a tremendous work lifestyle balance. And we did! Many thanks to all our customers through the years who appreciate and support our unique business model! We love serving you!!

PS. Wow! DIY Candy Apple Station. October is National Apple Month! Enjoy the fun and be the office hero!