Surprisingly Effective Employee Engagement

22nd Feb 2018

Encourage Collaboration

Companies everywhere struggle to find the perfect way to keep their employees engaged and happy. Labor is one of the biggest expenses corporations face and employee turnover drives that number higher. Post Exchange Catering can help you efficiently manage your labor expense by creating lunch experiences that boost morale and encourage engagement.

Brain Fuel Brilliance

The research is in! Professionals everywhere seem to agree the best way to keep the brain operating at peak efficiency is to feed it well. That's what we do best here at PEC. We deliver daily brain fuel for your team. Millennials, they love it. Gen Xers, we have them covered. Vegan or gluten free are delighted with the selection. Our delivery ambassadors bring joy and productivity by delivering healthy, fresh lunches which nourish your team. No soggy pizza or french fries. Did you know we don't even have a fryer in our corporate kitchen?! We are a different kind of corporate caterer bringing chef crafted lunch experiences personalized for your teams tastes. Best of all, it is simple. Order online or call for concierge service just for your team. We are here to help!

Daily Lunch Experiences

If you don't take care of your employees someone else will. Companies everywhere are bringing in lunch for their employees 2, 3 or even 5 days a week. It shows you love them and care about their well being. It also keeps them onsite creating an environment for increased collaboration and boosting creativity in the process. So why not give it a try. There is no long term commitment so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Impacting employee happiness is easy with PEC and one click away. We offer fun culinary perks that bring teams closer together and keep your business operating at peak performance. Check out a few of our popular lunches here and find out why we offer the best catering in Atlanta.