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Office Lunches increase Creative Collaboration

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Deliver Goodness

Grown on a farm, hand crafted by chefs, enthusiastically delivered to your team fostering smiles and collaboration throughout the office!  Administrators love us, office managers seek us, and CEO's request us. It is incredible to experience the love that occurs when good food is delivered to good people who are doing good things. 

That is what we do so well, deliver goodness which breeds kindness and  . . . we love it! We received a call the other day from a customer not to place an order but just to thank us for the professionalism and goodwill we spread. This particular client had recently had a bad experience with another company and called to just say "thank you for how you run your business". Wow, we could not have received a higher compliment. Our company culture represents integrity and kindness at every level with every customer touch and we are thrilled that the word is spreading!

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

We have so much fun delivering to our daily customers. Some clients we get the pleasure of feeding daily, others it is weekly and a few just once a month. As we hear so often, when Post Exchange is the preferred caterer it is a great day and good things happen! Let us help change the culture in your office. . .we love to spread a little joy and kindness as we deliver delicious meals. Kindness is free so we like to sprinkle it everywhere!

Summer Salad Empowerment

Hand picked strawberries, fresh sweet basil, and balsamic dressing tossed with penne pasta makes a fantastic summer salad! Our strawberry caprese salad and tropical fruit cheesecake salad are creating quite a buzz around the office chat rooms these days. Doesn't this sound incredible . . . pineapple, kiwi, mango, strawberries, mandarin oranges, and bananas tossed in a cream cheese dressing. Oh my!  And let's not forget the third in this power trio, the watermelon, cucumber, tomato salad. A new summertime trend with a twist! Our favorite cucumber, tomato, onion salad with fresh watermelon for that special taste of summer! Ok enough about these amazing salads. You will have to try them to experience the mouthwatering flavor profiles for yourself.

We could go on and on about the importance of keeping your teams onsite with brain fuel lunches delivered and set up, hassle free. But we won't the time has come for you to be the hero, give us a call. Tell us about your vegan and gluten free coworkers and then sit back and let us deliver the smiles. We can't wait to sprinkle a little goodness in your office soon!

Brilliant B2B Formula

Ok folks, here it is, the secret sauce everyone wants to know. The B2B formula that makes it all work together like the sections of an orchestra when they make beautiful music. The only difference . . . we make beautiful food. Rather then getting the brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion to come together in [...]

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What's Trending in the Office Lunch Test Kitchen

DIY Menu TrendingPost Exchange Catering leads the DIY trend and our customers love it! Yes, you heard it here first!  We are successfully combating the boring office lunch. Do you need a way to keep the creative processes rolling at your next meeting? We have the solution! That's right, Post Exchange has crafted a DIY [...]

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Love is in the Air . . .and in our food!

Food and LoveWith the excitement of Valentine's Day right around the corner, there is good old fashion foodie love being cooked up in our kitchen. When you think about it, food and love have a lot in common. At Post Exchange Catering, we are in love with our food. Everyday we design, create and deliver [...]

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