Thankfulness in the Midst of a Pandemic

19th Nov 2020


2020 Wow! What a year full of the unknown! Will our families stay healthy? Will our kids be in school? Will offices go back to work in person? Will small businesses survive? The answer is yes to all of those it just may look different. Thankfulness in the flexibility and lifestyle change that we are all experiencing is paramount.

Is it Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or Zoomsgiving? 

However your family decides to be thankful, it will be a holiday to remember. Since we normally travel to visit family for Thanksgiving, we will be having a Zoomsgiving. Our dinner will be outside with few family members and others connecting via Zoom. We are thankful for Zoom and the ability it has provided our communities to stay connected to work, small groups and family. (And those that bought Zoom stock months ago are very thankful!)

And how about those vaccines?! The scientists are rock stars for the research and collaboration bringing to market a safe vaccine in record time! So thankful for the scientists!

Healthcare heros have saved so many lives! They work tirelessly and give and give and give of themselves. So thankful for the healthcare community!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of sharing, caring and giving thanks even in the midst of a pandemic. Post Exchange Catering is so very thankful for our amazingly talented culinary team and all of our loyal clients and customers! We are grateful for the opportunity to craft and deliver delicious individually packaged meals as Atlanta's most trusted corporate caterer.

However you plan to be thankful this year whether in person, by zoom or with beautiful memories of loved ones, be safe and dine outdoors enjoying the fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D. Enjoy every moment and every new memory created! Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Post Exchange Catering!