The Giving Kitchen Review

25th Aug 2015

See what one of the charities we support has to say!


Thank you so much for your incredible generous donation!

Your donation helped to make a crucial difference in the life of a restaurant worker facing unanticipated hardship.

Because of supporters like you, we recently reached a record number of grants awarded in two weeks’ time: over $24,000 in the first two weeks of July was awarded to 13 recipients. Grantees include the family of a manager who was shot and killed outside of the restaurant after closing; a bartender who lost her mother unexpectedly and needed to travel on short notice; a server who developed cataracts in both eyes and needed surgery; a prep cook and a line cook (brothers working at the same restaurant) who lost their father and had funeral expenses; a cook with a severe cut to his hand that severed a tendon, required surgery and prevented him from working while recovering; a cook with severe pneumonia and a collapsed lung that required surgery and almost 2 months of missed work; a server who was hit by a train on his way to work and was in the ICU for an extended period of time; a bartender who ruptured his patellar tendon needing 2 surgeries and an extended recovery; and a restaurant owner in hospice following a 4-year battle with cancer.

You can visit the Giving Kitchen's Website here