The New Catered Lunch Phenomenon

31st Jan 2020

Celebrated Healthy New Decade

They are popping up everywhere! This crowd pleaser is surfacing on trendy menus across the country and especially in the Atlanta catering scene. Millennials, gen xers and boomers are excited the lunch is celebrated by vegans and meat eaters alike.  How can one menu be so healthy, meet so many dietary needs and be so loved?

That's correct, we are describing the grain bowl and poke bowl phenomenon. They encompass flavors from around the globe which is perfect for business meetings and corporate catering events of all types. Also, being perfect for those guests still honoring new years commitments of health and wellness goals. They are being praised by admins responsible for ordering food by making them the office heros.

Grain Bowls Delight Guests

Post Exchange Catering has narrowed down the field by crafting the most sought after trending ingredients into several globally inspired lunches. Showcasing the Grain Bowl Bar which features the Mediterranean and Mexicali grain bowls. This menu has been wildly popular with the Mexicali including grains, greens, grilled chicken, avocado, queso fresco, roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes, and jalapenos topped with Baja ranch dressing. And the Greek inspired bowl is deliciously flavored with spinach, grains, hummus, goat cheese, garbanzo beans, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, and balsamic dressing. Watch for new additional bowl items served with mesclun that will include flavors inspired from varying regions around the world.

Poke Bowl Obsession

This Hawaiian infused trend has been huge for the last few years with no end in sight. The PEC Poke Bowl includes edamame, cucumbers, carrots, pineapple, pickled ginger, and jalapeno over gingered jasmine rice with a teriyaki sauce. Bowls are topped with either soy lime marinated ahi tuna or tofu. Poke bowls are fun to eat and full of healthy ingredients that will delight your guests. Wow! What a line up for an inspirational and productive catered lunch! We hope to provide solutions and inspired ideas for all your corporate dining events!