The Show Must Go On!

7th Dec 2016

With just a few weeks until the Holiday break, people are getting excited. Everyone is talking about the trips they’ll take and the gifts they are giving, but in the meantime, the work of the office must go on. You can treat your staff to a treat and still get the work done! Post Exchange offers amazing corporate catering and serves the entire Atlanta Metro area. With our delicious catered meals, you can start the day off right and keep the crew going until the job is finished!

Start the Day With a Catered Breakfast!

From hearty and filling, to something light, to grab and go, Post Exchange offers breakfasts that will satisfy your morning hunger and delight the senses. Our Country Morning Breakfast is fit for a king! Farm fresh scrambled eggs, thick sliced bacon, country pork sausage, home fries and buttermilk biscuits fill your plate and taste like home. We can add bottled juice for a nominal fee and you can opt for turkey sausage or turkey bacon if you want a heart-healthy option.

Grab-and-Go Lo-Fat Yogurt Buffet

To keep everyone light on their toes and get them back to work quickly, you can opt for the Lo-Fat Yogurt Buffet. Your employees can choose from strawberry or vanilla yogurt and can customize their parfait with their choice of mix-ins. Mix-in options include blueberries, strawberries, granola, cranberries, and walnuts. This choice also come with bagels for those who need something a bit more substantial.

We have more options for breakfast! Visit our full breakfast menu to see the full list of options. We are sure a good breakfast will help your employees stay on task as holiday excitement mounts.