We Bust 2 Myths Surrounding Atlanta Corporate Catering

15th Sep 2015

Here at Post Exchange Catering, we're one of the top rated corporate catering companies in Atlanta. As with many things, the passing of time brings about a lot of myths and misconceptions about the catering industry and its services. These myths and misconceptions unfortunately prevent some people from taking advantage of the benefits that we offer. Today we're going to debunk a couple myths and misconceptions when it comes to catering once and for all.

Preparing for you event will only take about an hour. While this is a common misconception about catering, it simply isn't true. In reality, professionals will require at least 2 hours prior to the event to ensure that all preparations are made. For example, your catering staff will need to set up tables, arrange them, and ensure that all linen and tabletop items like glassware and china are set up. Plus, they may need to sweep the floors in order to make sure that the venue looks immaculate, too.

Another common misconception is that you mostly pay for food when you pay for a caterer. This isn't exactly true as you're also paying for the extensive work and preparation that the caterers do. For example, not only will they make sure that all of the food is served properly and on time, but they will also ensure that tables and chairs are arranged correctly, and they may be responsible for other things like floral centerpieces, room decorations, and ensuring your water stays refilled. This means that you're not only paying for food when you hire a catering service.