Who do you serve?

Posted by pxcater on 27th Apr 2014

Who do you serve? We at Post Exchange Catering ultimately love to serve our longtime friends and customers. Our team is not new to serving since we have been doing it for 21 years now. But really who do you serve? Do you serve your job by being tied to a paycheck? Do you serve your family by running from one child’s event to the next? Do you serve at a local non profit? Or do you serve a higher power? Well, in reality most of us do a little of all of the above. Obligation makes us serve our family and duties at work. But true service is not an obligation, it is a sincere desire to share your gifts, talents and resources with others. True service is motivational and the foundation of authentic leadership. So next time you serve, experience the transformation of giving your time and resources for the right reasons. Give back because you want to serve not because you need to serve. Servant leadership is at the core of all great organizations. Post Exchange Catering is one of those great organizations. Now go and serve!