Catered Lunches for Individuals and Groups

21st Nov 2016

Holiday festivities are gearing up and we are starting to salivate for all the sweet and savory delicacies we’ll be sampling, but we all also know that work continues. There are deadlines that don’t budge for any pumpkin pie, and projects that don’t get completed by thinking about perfectly seasoned turkey. Post Exchange is the corporate caterer in the Atlanta-metro area to turn to when you have work to get done and you need to feed the troops while they do it. A well-fed employee is a happy employee. Post Exchange serves up some of the most delicious, healthy corporate meals around. Let’s take a look at a few of our offerings.

Individual Catered Lunches

Post Exchange is known for our healthy and delicious meals. The Executive Box Lunch is a great example of how you can depend on us for great meals for your team. You can order specific meals or choose a sampling of the options. Your team can choose from: chicken salad, roast beef and swiss, grilled chicken breast, bistro turkey club, buffalo chicken wrap, roasted turkey wrap, beef and bleu wrap, chicken caesar wrap, or a roasted vegetable wrap. Ordering a sampling of these gives everyone an opportunity to find something they like. These lunches come with fresh cut fruit or pasta salad, a cookie, and iced tea.

Catered Lunch Buffets

When you have the time and space to offer a buffet, your employees are sure to love you for it! A very popular offering, we have is the Slider Buffet. Choose from the slider meaty foundation of glazed salmon, traditional grilled chicken, or London broil. Then select your dressing from the following options: PX BBQ sauce, sweet chili sauce, or bistro sauce. To finish off this delicious meal, we supply a marinated dill vegetable salad, Sweet Street Desserts, and iced tea.

Make your team happy and order your catered team lunch today. Call or use our handy online ordering system.