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Surprisingly Effective Employee Engagement

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Encourage Collaboration

Companies everywhere struggle to find the perfect way to keep their employees engaged and happy. Labor is one of the biggest expenses corporations face and employee turnover drives that number higher. Post Exchange Catering can help you efficiently manage your labor expense by creating lunch experiences that boost morale and encourage engagement.

Brain Fuel Brilliance

The research is in! Professionals everywhere seem to agree the best way to keep the brain operating at peak efficiency is to feed it well. That's what we do best here at PEC. We deliver daily brain fuel for your team. Millennials, they love it. Gen Xers, we have them covered. Vegan or gluten free are delighted with the selection. Our delivery ambassadors bring joy and productivity by delivering healthy, fresh lunches which nourish your team. No soggy pizza or french fries. Did you know we don't even have a fryer in our corporate kitchen?! We are a different kind of corporate caterer bringing chef crafted lunch experiences personalized for your teams tastes. Best of all, it is simple. Order online or call for concierge service just for your team. We are here to help!

Daily Lunch Experiences

If you don't take care of your employees someone else will. Companies everywhere are bringing in lunch for their employees 2, 3 or even 5 days a week. It shows you love them and care about their well being. It also keeps them onsite creating an environment for increased collaboration and boosting creativity in the process. So why not give it a try. There is no long term commitment so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Impacting employee happiness is easy with PEC and one click away. We offer fun culinary perks that bring teams closer together and keep your business operating at peak performance. Check out a few of our popular lunches here and find out why we offer the best catering in Atlanta.

Post Exchange Catering Launches New Technology

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to never have to wonder where your lunch delivery is? No more concerns about whether your delivery driver is lost somewhere on 285 making loop after loop. And never make the call again, "is my delivery driver almost here?"  Maybe you are a sales representative and not [...]

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Catered Lunches for Individuals and Groups

Holiday festivities are gearing up and we are starting to salivate for all the sweet and savory delicacies we’ll be sampling, but we all also know that work continues. There are deadlines that don’t budge for any pumpkin pie, and projects that don’t get completed by thinking about perfectly seasoned turkey. Post Exchange is the [...]

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Catered Meals that are Hipster Delights!

According to Urban Dictionary (yes, really) hipsters “are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.” We think this sums it up pretty well, but would add that they appreciate the new, [...]

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Catered Traditional Holiday Meals

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to set the date, book the venue, and settle on a menu. Post Exchange Corporate Catering can help with one of these duties! We’ve got a selection of menus for you to choose from, all of them equally scrumptious, hearty, and satisfying. We have four buffets and a [...]

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Corporate Catering Lets You Eat Big but Light

Working an office job is not what human bodies have evolved to do. We have evolved to run and jump and hunt and be active. This also means we evolved to fight off other apex predators, and you won’t get that in an office (despite your feelings about that other manager). In any case, most [...]

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Innovate Catered Salads

When you are looking for the best catering in Atlanta for corporate meals, there is just one place to turn to. Post Exchange is the place that companies, both large and small love our healthy and delicious meals for their and guests including companies such as: Yahoo!,Pfizer andMerrill LynchWe offer corporate catered meals that will surprise [...]

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Fresh Flavors for Corporate Catering

Few things in life are certain, but two things that you can depend on are that for the best corporate catering in Atlanta you can call Post Exchange Catering, and that we will always offer new dishes that challenge the way you think about some of the ingredients. This month we have a few scrumptious [...]

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Keep Cool with Great Food From Post Exchange!

Summer in Atlanta can be sweltering. It gets so hot and humid that the mere thought of eating something hot is exhausting. The heat might make you think of scheduling catered affairs in the fall, but there is no need! Post Exchange corporate catering has just what you need for your summertime catered event.Keep it [...]

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Taste Corporate Catering Options For Yourself!

Turn to Post Exchange Catering when you are looking for the best corporate catering in the Atlanta area. We have a menu filled with healthy, delicious meals that will leave your employees or special guests satisfied and wondering how they hadn’t discovered this amazing caterer yet! If you are new to Post Exchange, schedule a [...]

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