Catered Meal to Help You Keep Trim

6th Sep 2016

Beach season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you want to pack on the pounds you’ve worked so hard to shed. If you are looking for corporate catering that won’t put those pounds back on just looking at the food, then Post Exchange Catering is for you. We have a menu category that has just what you are looking for! Our Fit-a-licious menu is filled with light and filling meal options. We’ll look at just a few in this week’s blog.

Catered Boardroom Boxed Salads

Salads that come in a to-go style box are perfect for working lunches or as a surprise to hard working employees. Despite the fact that the salads are eaten out of a box, the chef really thought outside of the box to create these salads. You can choose between the BLT Chef Southwest Fiesta Buffalo Chicken, Asian Chicken or Caesar with Blackened Chicken, Honey Salmon, or the London Broil. You get your choice of a healthy portion of healthy meat atop a salad of mixed greens and served with a dressing chosen to bring out the flavor of the ingredients, not drown it. This health-conscious choice comes with a honey wheat roll and Sweet Street Desserts for a little post-salad indulgence.

Catered Executive Boxed Lunch

When you need to eat to keep up your energy, but there just isn’t time, get a catered lunch! It may be hard to pick just one from our healthy sandwich or wrap lunch options! The options you can choose from are: Chicken salad, Roast beef and Swiss, Grilled chicken breast, Bistro turkey club, Buffalo chicken wrap, Roasted turkey wrap, Beef & bleu wrap, Chicken Caesar wrap and Roasted vegetable wrap. You may have to make this a regular order so you can try all of them! This meal is accompanied by fresh fruit or pasta salad and a cookie. It also comes with fresh brewed iced tea.

We know it can be hard to stay fit when you work an office job and we take pride in offering food that fits your lifestyle and that delights your taste buds. We deliver all over Metro-Atlanta. Be sure to check out out full menu to see what strikes your fancy!

When you are looking for the most healthy options for corporate catering, Post Exchange is the one to look for. Call today or use our handy online ordering system.