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Catered Traditional Holiday Meals

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With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to set the date, book the venue, and settle on a menu. Post Exchange Corporate Catering can help with one of these duties! We’ve got a selection of menus for you to choose from, all of them equally scrumptious, hearty, and satisfying. We have four buffets and a Yuletide dinner for you to choose from.

What could be more cozy than a Holiday Turkey Buffet? At just $13.98 a person, this is an affordable and delicious choice. This traditional holiday feast features oven-roasted turkey breast with cornbread stuffing and turkey gravy. It is accompanied by green bean casserole, dinner rolls, cranberry-orange sauce, our holiday dessert medley, and fresh-brewed iced tea.

It includes disposable plates, cups, cutlery, and serving pieces. You can personalize your party by adding a salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, or spiral sliced ham.

The Crowd Please Buffet has something for everyone! This meals gives main dish options of slow-cooked pot roast with roasted red potatoes, apple-spiced pork loin with cranberry apple stuffing, or cranberry orange chicken with autumn nut rice. Salad options are Caesar salad or garden salad, and you can choose your sides from grilled asparagus or broccoli almondine. Wheat rolls are also included. This buffet includes Sweet Street desserts and fresh-brewed iced tea

For a fun twist and to start your own tradition, consider ordering a fun dessert that everyone will remember! Try our Chocolate Mousse Syringes. These plastic treat syringes are filled with rich and creamy chocolate mousse to delight the tastebuds and get people having fun.

Call us today or use our handy online ordering system and check the holiday meal menu choice off of your to do list! 

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