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Catered Traditional Holiday Meals

2nd Nov 2016

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to set the date, book the venue, and settle on a menu. Post Exchange Corporate Catering can help with one of these duties! We’ve got a selection of men … read more

Catered Meal to Help You Keep Trim

6th Sep 2016

Beach season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you want to pack on the pounds you’ve worked so hard to shed. If you are looking for corporate catering that won’t put those pounds back on … read more

Ways to Reward Your Employees

26th Aug 2016

Everyone wants to feel valued, and telling employees they are appreciated is especially important. Sure, they get their paycheck, but letting them know that you appreciate all their hard work and loya … read more

Three Ways to Reward Loyal Employees

12th Jul 2016

When you look around your office and see your hardworking employees showing up early, staying late, and giving it their all to get the job done, you may be moved to reward them, to show them how much … read more

A Meal for Everyone Dietary Need

5th Jul 2016

Post Exchange has delicious corporate catering to fit almost every taste and dietary need. We offer gluten free and vegetarian options as well as our Fit-a-licious Menu. This menu lets you keep to you … read more