Inspire kindness at office lunches

13th Nov 2017

What would happen if we were actually kind to that coworker that doesn't carry their weight in the office? What if the employee that is always bringing the group down is lifted up? What if inspiring kindness acts were agenda items of business meetings? Can kindness really change the world? We think so at Post Exchange Catering! And we work hard to spread that message through the Atlanta catering scene. And the word is getting out. Voyage Media recently did an interview with Post Exchange Catering founders in their publication Voyage Atlanta. 

The publication features Atlanta's Most Inspiring Stories and reached out to PEC for our story. You can read it here and learn how PEC began and evolved into one of the top Atlanta catering companies. Thank you to some of our amazing team for slowing down long enough to be in the pics!

Our Post Exchange Catering family of employees has recently discussed the book "The Go Giver" by Bob Burg. We highly recommend it for your team also. It is a little story about how to make a big impact. It teaches us all to look at success with a different purpose. It challenges the typical definition of success. Check it out, you will be glad you did. Kindness is for hipsters, millennials, generation Y and X'ers and all of humanity. It makes the world a better place one small act at a time. And guess what, the best part is no experience required. Yup, anyone can do it and it is so much fun!

As the holidays are fast approaching, we look forward to spreading a little holiday kindness at your office soon! Holiday catering menus are here!