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5 Trends to success in Office Catering

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How to get a promotion or just be the office hero? 

It's an office lunch, the Vp's retirement or a client presentation. With $3 billion going into corporate catering annually, it is no wonder the catering companies that succeed long term are the ones that have dynamic flexibility in implementation. What does that mean exactly? It means being a trend leader in the industry. It means creating community impact by spreading kindness with every bite. The dynamic flexibility at Post Exchange Catering means always searching and growing to feed the best, with the best, for the best. The following 5 corporate catering trends lead dining guests to increased productivity and engagement.

Make it have a positive impact. "Eat and do good" is out motto for 2019. We love to eat and spread a little kindness(and financial support) through our monthly giving program.

Make it fresh and healthy. Our talented chefs are masters at their craft. The PEC test kitchen is always creating new fresh options with trending locally sourced seasonal produce and ingredients. Try the highly anticipated new Moroccan Chicken! Or wait for it . . . Espresso, chili rubbed flame grilled petite filet on sweet potato risotto!

Make it fun. Our team ambassadors love to create smiles with every delivery. Our goal is to leave a little happiness with each order delivered and hopefully make someones day a little brighter.

Make it eco-friendly. Customers rave about our palm leaf square plate. Both biodegradable and compostable, it is made entirely of naturally fallen palm leaves to provide a stylish presentation.

Make it simplistic. Order online, reorder online, pay online, check your order history online. We make it easy. Want a more concierge level of service, we do that too. Send an email or give us a call for custom crafted events.

So now you know the secret to great catering, love your food, love your team, love your clients, love your community! 

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