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Three Ways to Reward Loyal Employees

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When you look around your office and see your hardworking employees showing up early, staying late, and giving it their all to get the job done, you may be moved to reward them, to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Here are some ideas to reward your employees and to let them know they are a valued part of your organization.

Late Start!

Let your employees come in late on a Monday or Tuesday, especially after a holiday weekend. Letting your employees sleep in after Labor Day or Thanksgiving weekend gives them a little extra time to get the kids to school, to get their neglected household chores done, or even to just stay in bed an extra hour or two.

Catered Lunch

Providing a delicious and healthy meal for your employees benefits your company in several ways. Firstly, it lets them know that you see their hard work and are doing something substantial to say thanks.

Secondly, eating together helps improve teamwork. Providing time for employees to mingle and get to know each other is a great team building tool. Post Exchange Catering has a corporate catering menu that can’t be beat in Atlanta! You can choose casual appetizers and sandwiches, or extravagant meats or pasta.


Used for decades in Europe, flex-hours allow employees to come in early and leave early, so long as they put in their scheduled number of hours. This doesn't work for all industries, but for those it does work for, it gives the employees the flexibility to pick up kids from work or make doctors appointments without using vacation hours.

When you are looking for a caterer to treat your employees to a catered breakfast or lunch, call Post Exchange Catering, or use our handy online ordering system. 

A Meal for Everyone Dietary Need

Post Exchange has delicious corporate catering to fit almost every taste and dietary need. We offer gluten free and vegetarian options as well as our Fit-a-licious Menu. This menu lets you keep to your healthy diet without starving yourself! We offer light meals as well as meat-centered meals that will have carbohydrate-adverse people sighing with [...]

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Affordable Catering

When some people hear the words ‘corporate catering,’ they automatically think that delicious, healthy, original meals will be out of their budget, but with Post Exchange Catering this is not the case. Sure, we have some deluxe meals, but we also have meal packages that run about $10 per guest. We’ll review a few of [...]

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Corporate Catering Can be Part of Your Health Initiative, Really!

In our last blog we touched on a growing trend for companies and institutions to take an active role in the healthy of their employees. As you can tell from our Fit-A-Licious healthy Menu items, and the overall quality and aesthetic of our menu, that we concentrate on healthy corporate catered meals. If your company [...]

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Healthy People Make Healthy Companies

When planning a corporate event in the Atlanta area, be sure to turn to Post Exchange Catering. We have the most delicious food and the best customer service to help make your next event a success. In recent years, we’ve seen a trend toward corporations and institutions taking proactive stances toward improving their employees healthy [...]

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Think INSIDE the Box!

Catered lunches don’t have to be the same old same old. And with Post exchange, they never ever are. You could say we think outside of the box, even when thinking in the box. Let us explain!Boardroom Box Lunches are a way to think outside the box! These delicious and interesting meals are perfect for the [...]

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Gluten Free Choices

When you are in charge of the corporate catering in the Atlanta area, it’s important to be considerate to everyone’s dietary needs. With Post Exchange Catering, it is easy to include everyone in your catering plans without giving up on delicious, interesting food. One group of people who increasingly need to have their dietary needs [...]

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The Simple Answer is the Best Answer to Your Lunch!

Sometimes you just have to throw in a little philosophy with your corporate catering. If you took Philosophy 101 in college, you may remember a thing called Occam's razor. To brutally paraphrase this principle, sometimes the best answer to a problem is the most obvious answer.In the catering world, this can be seen to apply [...]

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Corporate Catering That Thinks Outside of the Box

When you are looking for a caterer to provide food for your next corporate event, think outside of the box, at least seasonally. Seasonal foods are never out of season! You may think that when one season has passed, you have to wait until it comes around again to enjoy the flavors of dishes that [...]

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The Best Corporate Catering in Atlanta

Are you tired of the same old catered food that most caterers have to offer? Then it’s time to try Post Exchange Catering for your next corporate event, working lunch or executive level meal.We offer a level of professionalism that can’t be beat in the Atlanta area. Our service, complete with disposable plates and cutlery, [...]

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