Corporate Catering Can be Part of Your Health Initiative, Really!

14th Mar 2016

In our last blog we touched on a growing trend for companies and institutions to take an active role in the healthy of their employees. As you can tell from our Fit-A-Licious healthy Menu items, and the overall quality and aesthetic of our menu, that we concentrate on healthy corporate catered meals. If your company is just starting to encourage healthy living here are some tips to get you started.


  • Not everyone knows what makes for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Providing education about healthy meals, exercise and other lifestyle choices is a great way of getting your employees to start making healthy choices.


  • Allowing employees to use a flexible schedule so they can fit in a work out is a great way of promoting their health.
  • It also builds loyalty from employees because they know you’ve got their back.
  • Be sure you have some equipment for employees to use. Giving employees access to a basketball court, grassy spot for some pick-up soccer or even exercise balls and mats will help encourage them to be active.

Feed Them Well

  • Show them by example that a healthy meal can be delicious and filling.
  • For your next corporate catered lunch, serve the Surf, Turf & Fowl Salad Bar
  • This hearty meal consists of salmon, beef and chicken, grilled on an open flame. These flavorful meats are served with a spring green salad with your choice of dressing. It is accompanied by fresh fruit and wheat rolls. As with most meals from Post Exchange, our fresh brewed iced tea and Sweet Street Desserts come with it. 

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