A Meal for Everyone Dietary Need

5th Jul 2016

Post Exchange has delicious corporate catering to fit almost every taste and dietary need. We offer gluten free and vegetarian options as well as our Fit-a-licious Menu. This menu lets you keep to your healthy diet without starving yourself! We offer light meals as well as meat-centered meals that will have carbohydrate-adverse people sighing with relief at a hearty and delicious meal.

Make Your Meat Lovers Happy

Our Surf, Turf & Fowl Salad Bar will make any non-vegetarian happy. On an open flame, the freshest salmon, beef, and chicken are grilled to perfection. A side salad of fresh spring greens with your choice of dressings accompanies the meat on the plate. You also get fresh fruit and a wheat roll. This meal is served with fresh brewed iced tea and Sweet Street Desserts.

Satisfy your Craving for a Sandwich

Sometimes you just want a simple but delicious sandwich. Call it a need for comfort food or a return to simplicity, but there are some days when you just want a sandwich. We offer a Traditional Lunch Box which includes a sandwich or wrap, chips, and a cookie. You can choose from turkey, ham, roasted veggies, chicken salad, or roast beef. Wash down this basic pleasure with our fresh brewed iced tea.

Feeling a Craving for Exotic?

We’ve got you covered when it comes to satisfying your craving for something out of the ordinary. Try our Thai Lettuce Wraps to get a spicy bite of healthy goodness. A fresh and crisp leaf of Romaine lettuce makes the perfect vehicle for grilled chicken, bean sprouts carrots, and cucumber salad. These delectable delights are served with sweet hot chili and sesame ginger sauces for dipping. This is served with citrus rice, Sweet Street Desserts, and our iced tea. You can add fresh fruit for a nominal fee of $2.49 a person.

Whether you want a trusted stand-by of a sandwich or an exotic treat, Post Exchange has you covered. Call today or use our handy online ordering system.