Benefits of Corporate Catering

21st Aug 2015

Post Exchange is the greater Atlanta area’s premier gourmet caterer. We can provide a nourishing and interesting meals. We can provide a working lunch in the Boardroom Boxed Salads with options including Asian Chicken and Blackened Chicken Caesar. We can also cater a company-wide breakfast with a Breakfast Burrito Buffet and Lo-Fat Yogurt Buffet. What a great way to start the week! If you are unsure of the benefits of corporate catering, we’ve listed some below.


When you are hosting potential clients, long time partners, or loyal employees, you want your focus on them, not on whether there is enough chicken to go around. With Post Exchange, you can not only focus on your guests, but you can relax and enjoy yourself with the confidence of knowing that we’ve got the meal covered with quality, quantity, and service.

Great Food

No one wants to eat institutional, assembly line food- again- and certainly not during what should be an event to relax and relate. We all want to feel we are eating healthy, freshly-prepared and tasty food. Post Exchange meals are prepared with dedication, creativity, and the greatest of care.

Strengthen Bonds

Eating together means something. That’s why families gather, and religious communities eat a common meal. It’s a human thing; we feel close to those with whom we sit with and break bread.

Corporate Culture

The bonds of corporate culture are strengthened by sharing a meal. What you order, where you eat it and with whom you eat all say something about your corporate culture. Do only the executives get the catering or does the whole company join together, enjoying the rewards as they share the labor? Whoever it is, you know they’ll be getting delicious, well prepared meals.

Call Post Exchange at 770.394.0200 for your next corporate catering event. You can order online too!