Catering Makes for Good Teams

1st Feb 2016

Post Exchange Catering is Atlanta’s place to turn for corporate catering. We cater breakfast, lunch, dinner and special events. This week we are going to look at corporate culture, employee retention and food. The connection between a positive corporate culture and food is more than just making sure employees stay in the building while they eat so they can get back to work. No, that’s too Machiavellian and something any employee worth their salt will see through by the time they finish their appetizers.

Food has a special place in our culture. When we break bread with someone, we sit down with them, we relax, we sit facing each other and we dine on delicious food, together. There is a timeless, spiritual element to eating a meal with someone. Maybe because you can’t fight and eat at the same time, there is an element of trust involved, an element of vulnerability to it.

That’s where good corporate catering comes in. We enable your employees to dine together. We recommend a real meal, where you sit and dine, in a relaxed atmosphere. Sure, some stand up appetizers are a good way to start it, to get the mingling going, but the meal should be something we sit and leisurely partake of. This bonding experience can be made by mixing up groups, making people sit with people they don’t know, or making the meal a cellphone free zone (good luck!). Making people sit and interact with people creates or strengthens bonds of all kinds, including the workforce bond.