Corporate Catered Food Made Healthy

25th Jan 2016

Just because you need to order catered food for your corporate event, doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy food! Post Exchange delivers healthy, gourmet, meals to you for all your corporate needs. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have casual options, and more formal meals for sit-down occasions, and we offer many healthy options for you to choose from.


One of our options is a Lo-fat Yogurt Buffet, it’s a great choice to start your day off in a light and healthy direction. You can choose from vanilla or strawberry lo-fat yogurt, and you have the choice of mix ins which include blueberries, strawberries, granola, cranberries, and walnuts. For those who need a carb charge to start their day, we also offer a variety of bagels to go with the yogurt.

Lunch Boxes

When you need your team work through lunch and want to feed them to reward their loyalty, go for out healthy and scrumptious Boardroom Boxed Salads. This is not a heavy meal that makes everyone want to nap all afternoon. No, our boxed salads give you options of eight different salads, from Buffalo Chicken to Lemon Pepper Chicken Caesar and beyond. The hardest part will be deciding on one!

What is a corporate catering meal without drinks and desserts?

For drinks we offer juices, water, coffee, tea, hot tea, lemonade by the gallon, and Coke products.

Our desserts include old fashion cookies and pub food fun desserts like chocolate mousse syringes.

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