Corporate Holiday Party Catering

19th Oct 2015

Post Exchange Catering is where corporate Atlanta turns for quality, healthy catering. We know that Corporate culture has never been more important than it is now. The economy is still recovering from the blast it took in 2008 and while it may still be a ‘buyers market’ on employees the bottom line is that retaining good employees is economically sensible. The search to find new employees can be a slog of advertising, headhunters, interviews, and meetings. When you find the right person to fill a vacancy there is a lag period until they are fully up and running in their position.

One of the perks that keeps good employees around is company parties and the Holiday party season is not long off, so it’s time to book a space and call your caterer! We have, again this year a unique holiday choice for you to choose from!

Check out our original, unique and delicious h’orderves that make up our Bah Humbug Blaster catering package. It includes the Nacho Station with Green Chili con Queso with chips, taco seasoned beef and chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. , Smoked Turkey Rollers of smoke turkey and herbed cream cheese in a delicately flavored tortilla., Homemade Hummus with sesame cracker bread and Mousse and Cheesecake shooters.

This gastropub-inspired offering is sure to delight the most sophisticated palate while also being familiar enough to be holiday comfort foods. We combine the highest quality foods with a whimsical attitude that are guaranteed to blast all but the most determined bah humbug attitudes!