Don’t Get the Post Holiday Catering Blues

7th Jan 2016

So you made it through all the corporate catered events over the holidays and now you are sick of  corporate catered food. If you see another sandwich tray you may flip a table over! But Atlanta, there is no reason to lose it! We’ve got you covered with our great catered meals. We offer a wide variety of delicious, lite, original dishes that will have you wondering why you don’t eat our catered meals every day (well, you can do that too!). Just check out our Fit-a-licious healthy and lite menu choices and you’ll feel healed of all those deli trays and industrial kitchen cookies you suffered through.

Fit-a-licious Sweet Chili Salmon

Imagine a plate of sweet and tangy citrus rice. In the middle lies a perfectly cooked salmon filet that has been basted in a skillfully blended marinade of sweet chilis. The filet is surrounded by hearty Chinese vegetables. The colors and smells fill your senses with anticipation. The combination of cool vegetables and spicy chili salmon delights your tongue. An artisan roll accompanies the meal as well. Our famous fresh brewed iced tea and Sweet Street Desserts are included in the price too! Just try getting all that for just $16.95 a person at a sit-down restaurant in Atlanta! Post Exchange Catering offers meals that are delicious and economical. We can pull you out of your post-holiday catering blues with a little red chili salmon!