Lite Corporate Catering Meals

30th Oct 2015

Looking for corporate catering that stands out in a crowd? Post Exchange Catering is a change of catering pace like no other. Our food is light and healthy, and best of all delicately flavored to satisfy everyone. We cater holiday parties, corporate events, breakfasts, working box lunches and so much more. We know that the holidays are coming and we all need to get our bodies ready to endure the onslaught of calories in which we will gleefully indulge. To this end, may we recommend the Fit-a-licious menu.

A lite mean doesn’t need to leave you hungry!

Our Orange Chicken plate is lite and scrumptious. This grilled chicken breast is coated in an orange mustard glazed and served on a bed of wild rice with broccoli spears and wheat rolls.

Another lite meal is our working lunch Boardroom Boxed Salads. This is no slapped together sandwich! This salad is custom made to your specifications. You can choose what type of salad you want. You can choose from BLT Chef, Southwest Fiesta, Buffalo Chicken, Asian Chicken, Honey Salmon Caesar, Blackened Chicken Caesar, London Broil Caesar and Lemon Pepper Chicken Caesar. As with all meals, our freshly brewed ice tea and desserts are included.

One favorite we should let you in on is our Thai Lettuce Wraps. This plate consists of grilled chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber salad and sweet hot chili & sesame ginger sauces for dipping. This dish is served with citrus rice and tea and desserts are included.

If you need more inspiration than those three teases, be sure to check out our full menu here.

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