Meat Meat Meat

3rd Nov 2015

Post Exchange caters to some of the biggest corporations in the Atlanta area. We can handle events both large and small. We cater breakfast, lunch, dinner, parties, holiday parties, and receptions. Really, we will cater anything your planner can come up with.

While we offer meals that cater to gluten free diets and vegetarians, we also serve meat. Lots of meat. We know that for some people, meat is a passion, and we know we rise to the occasion with our amazing meat-based dishes.

Fish: Lite and Healthy

A meat centered meal doesn’t have to be heavy. Our Pan Seared Miso Glazed Salmon is a dish of pan seared Alaskan caught salmon with a miso glaze. It is served with jasmine rice, sauteed asparagus spears with carrot medallions, wheat rolls, and as usual, our fresh brewed ice tea and dessert selections.


For beef lovers, we offer plenty of choices. One popular, mouthwatering choice is the Traditional London Broil. This dish is choice beef marinated in our traditional London Broil marinade. It is served with a choice of two side vegetables and wheat rolls. The options of vegetables might be the hardest part once you’ve opted for this meal and ice tea and desserts are included.


If you are eating chicken for health or taste reasons, we have a staggering number of choices for you to choose from. Chicken is so versatile and we treat it right! We offer BBQ chicken quarters and BBQ sandwiches. The quarters are served with green beans and sweet cornbread. There are so many more chicken options, we’ll have to start there in our next blog!