Put the Fun in Your Corporate Function with Post Exchange Catering

19th Jan 2016

With delicious food from Post Exchange Catering, your corporate function can be fun as well as productive. Well, we have fun food down! We even have a whole menu section devoted to it! Check out our Fun Food menu!

Our Caprese Skewer Platter is sure to delight! This skewer offers up fresh basil, Buffalo mozzarella and heirloom grape tomatoes, all deliciously drizzled with a balsamic glaze. This makes a great side dish to go with the Macaroni and Cheese Bar. This hearty bar offers three types of mac and cheese: Broccoli and Bacon, Buffalo, and Southwestern. Try all three! This meal comes complete with house salad, fresh baked wheat rolls, iced tea and gourmet desserts. If you feel that no meal is complete without meat, you can add BBQ Chicken, marinated London Broil, or Honey Glazed Salmon. No need to pick just one! You can have all three on offer!

Dessert can be fun too! We have Chocolate Mousse Syringes for a unique and undeniably fun and delicious dessert experience. The fun spills over to other parts of our menu too. On our Appetizer Menu, you’ll find another delicious skewered selection. Try our farm fresh goat cheese balls rolled in chopped nuts and skewered with a juicy red grape. Cocktail Shrimp Shooters can also be found on this menu. Two shrimp are delicately dipped in a spicy cocktail sauce and served in a mini glass.sentence fragment These appetizers are sure to whet your appetite.

Call today and put some fun in your next corporate function. Order today or use our handy online ordering system.