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We did it! Top 60 Catering Blog on the web

7th Mar 2017

Yes, we hoped one day the world would know just how knowledgable we are about food, serving others and rock star catering. We did not know when, but alas the time has come! The world now knows what we … read more

Love is in the Air . . .and in our food!

10th Feb 2017

Food and LoveWith the excitement of Valentine's Day right around the corner, there is good old fashion foodie love being cooked up in our kitchen. When you think about it, food and love have a lot in … read more

3 More Atlanta Catering Myths Debunked

30th Sep 2015

When you're looking for corporate catering in Atlanta, you come to Post Exchange Catering. We're here to help you no matter what event you're looking to plan. Whether you're planning a wedding or corp … read more