The Simple Answer is the Best Answer to Your Lunch!

18th Feb 2016

Sometimes you just have to throw in a little philosophy with your corporate catering. If you took Philosophy 101 in college, you may remember a thing called Occam's razor. To brutally paraphrase this principle, sometimes the best answer to a problem is the most obvious answer.

In the catering world, this can be seen to apply when you are looking to order lunches for your employees. Maybe you’ve got the biggest deadline of the year coming up, and you need your people at their desks, so you decide to spring for lunch. You don’t always need to go for the fanciest solution. Sometimes the collective “spot” can be hit with simple, basic wholesome food. Today we will present some solid, but easy choices for an office lunch.

Traditional Box Lunch

  • This simple but satisfying lunch includes a sandwich or a wrap with turkey, ham, roast beef, roasted veggie, or chicken salad.
  • Chips and a cookie accompanies each sandwich.
  • Iced Tea also comes with this lunch.

Executive Box Lunch

  • If you feel like splurging and rewarding your hard working employees, try the Executive Box Lunch.
  • You can choose from beef & blue, buffalo chicken, chicken salad, and roasted veggie.
  • This box has our Gourmet sandwiches or wraps.
  • They come with fresh fruit, a cookie and fresh brewed iced tea.

A great way to keep the energy up through the afternoon is to offer a plate of sweets for people to nibble on while they work. We have a great selection of sweets to choose from on our dessert menu. Call Post Exchange today or use our online ordering system.