Think INSIDE the Box!

4th Mar 2016

Catered lunches don’t have to be the same old same old. And with Post exchange, they never ever are. You could say we think outside of the box, even when thinking in the box. Let us explain!

Boardroom Box Lunches are a way to think outside the box!

  • These delicious and interesting meals are perfect for the working lunch.
  • The boxes are based on a fresh green salad and topped with your choice.
  • You have the choice between several meat toppings.
  • You can choose BLT Chef, Southwest Fiesta, Buffalo Chicken, Asian Chicken, Caesar with Blackened Chicken, Honey Salmon, or London Broil.
  • Your employees will feel appreciated, and everyone knows workers who feel appreciated work harder toward the company goals.
  • These boxes come with a honey wheat roll, Sweet Street Desserts and of course our fresh brewed Ice Tea.

Give them Treat!

  • A perfect way to give your hardworking team nourishment, fun and a break from work all at once is to provide a snack.
  • Our appetizers can break out of the box and be a snack too!
  • Any employee would love to stop work for a few minutes and sink their teeth into a cocktail shrimp shooter!
  • With two pieces per glass, these shrimp come with spicy cocktail sauce.
  • Your employees will go back to work with a spring in their steps after these!
  • Or maybe your team is more the Thai Lettuce Wrap type.
  • These fresh leaves of lettuce are stuffed with juicy grilled chicken, shredded carrots, cucumber salad, and come with two dipping sauces: sweet hot chili and sesame ginger.

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