We’ve Got Your Back When it Comes to Healthy Corporate Catering

29th Jan 2016

When you are looking for corporate catering in Atlanta, you need look no further than Post Exchange Catering. We have great service and amazing food with enough variety to please everyone. We cater all over Atlanta, providing high-quality corporate catering for breakfast, lunch and special events. We think one of the best things about our catering is that the menu offers so many healthy choices. You won’t find just one healthy item on the menu, there are healthy and fit choices for every meal and even sections for specifically healthy food and gluten free meals.


Our choices for breakfast go from hearty to healthy. Our hearty, Country Morning breakfast serves up farm fresh scrambled eggs, thick sliced bacon or country pork sausage, home fries and buttermilk biscuits. To turn this into a super healthy meal you simply ask to substitute the bacon and sausage for turkey, bacon and sausage.


We are trendy and healthy with the selection of the Ancient Grain Salad in a Jar with Flame Grilled Chicken. This filling and healthy meal has it all in one jar. It has farrow, millet and quinoa, tomatoes, carrots, spring greens and flame grilled chicken with a delicious balsamic dressing. All you do is shake it and enjoy!


We have a wide selection of meats, veggies and pasta to choose from, as well as seafood. Try our Bayou Buffet to transport yourself down to the Louisiana bayous. You’ll love the cajun spiced tilapia served over old fashion creamy cheese grits, and topped with a creole relish. Served with summer squash casserole and wheat rolls, this meal comes with Sweet Street Desserts and our famous freshly brewed iced tea.

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