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5 Trends to success in Office Catering

25th Jan 2019

How to get a promotion or just be the office hero? It's an office lunch, the Vp's retirement or a client presentation. With $3 billion going into corporate catering annually, it is no wonder the … read more

Holiday Parties. Food Unites Us!

2nd Oct 2018

Food Unites usCan you feel it? Excitement is building! Football is in the air. Halloween is around the corner. Thanksgiving plans are being finalized. Holiday parties are being booked. What a fun seas … read more

Press Release 25th Anniversary

4th Sep 2018

Atlanta, Ga.--Post Exchange Catering, a corporate dining solutions and catering company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The company, which for a quarter century has created fresh inven … read more