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Fresh Harvest Flavors Catering

Finally! Fall is here and we can start thinking about the Holidays. We know there are people out there who really get upset when Christmas displays are in the stores before Halloween has passed us by, and we can sympathize, but we also get excited for all the fun get-togethers and the amazing food we [...]

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Fall Chicken Catering Options

We all know what is coming: the Holidays mean big, hearty meals full of comfort food, trays of sweet goodies, and drinks that have more calories that we need them to, but that we drink anyway because they are delicious and it’s important to enjoy life! Well, Post Exchange Caterers knows that we will all [...]

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Catered Meal to Help You Keep Trim

Beach season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you want to pack on the pounds you’ve worked so hard to shed. If you are looking for corporate catering that won’t put those pounds back on just looking at the food, then Post Exchange Catering is for you. We have a menu [...]

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Corporate Catering Lets You Eat Big but Light

Working an office job is not what human bodies have evolved to do. We have evolved to run and jump and hunt and be active. This also means we evolved to fight off other apex predators, and you won’t get that in an office (despite your feelings about that other manager). In any case, most [...]

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Catering that Takes Meat Seriously!

Post Exchange Corporate Catering takes meat seriously. We offer a number of healthy dishes that let you enjoy succulent meats to fill you up and let you enjoy a high protein meal without feeling heavy or overfull. We know that a high protein meal is a great way to eat healthy and even lose weight. [...]

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Ways to Reward Your Employees

Everyone wants to feel valued, and telling employees they are appreciated is especially important. Sure, they get their paycheck, but letting them know that you appreciate all their hard work and loyalty is key to having a good reputation and to employee retention. One easy way to let them know you value their contributions is [...]

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Innovate Catered Salads

When you are looking for the best catering in Atlanta for corporate meals, there is just one place to turn to. Post Exchange is the place that companies, both large and small love our healthy and delicious meals for their and guests including companies such as: Yahoo!,Pfizer andMerrill LynchWe offer corporate catered meals that will surprise [...]

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Fresh Flavors for Corporate Catering

Few things in life are certain, but two things that you can depend on are that for the best corporate catering in Atlanta you can call Post Exchange Catering, and that we will always offer new dishes that challenge the way you think about some of the ingredients. This month we have a few scrumptious [...]

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Three Ways to Reward Loyal Employees

When you look around your office and see your hardworking employees showing up early, staying late, and giving it their all to get the job done, you may be moved to reward them, to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Here are some ideas to reward your employees and to [...]

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Summer Corporate Catering Specials

Post Exchange Catering specializes in healthy and hearty corporate catering. All year long, We offer specials, both seasonal and not to delight your tastebuds as well as your guests and employees. This week we’ll look at a few of our current specials.Pot Roast This delectable choice is a slow cooked pot roast, topped with roasted [...]

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