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Thankfulness in the Midst of a Pandemic

19th Nov 2020

2020 Wow! What a year full of the unknown! Will our families stay healthy? Will our kids be in school? Will offices go back to work in person? Will small businesses survive? The answer is yes to all o … read more

The New Normal Unites Us and Food Unites Us

25th Aug 2020

The economy stops, sports pause, schools close and jobs slow. First responders unite, doctors and nurses unite, families unite, and communities unite. A common thread that unites us all during these c … read more

The New Catered Lunch Phenomenon

31st Jan 2020

Celebrated Healthy New DecadeThey are popping up everywhere! This crowd pleaser is surfacing on trendy menus across the country and especially in the Atlanta catering scene. Millennials, gen xers and … read more

Leading through goodness

14th Oct 2019

  Leading through Goodness: fabulous food and RAK. A hallmark trait of sustainability and success in any organization lies in the goodness of the endeavor. Community charities are establishe … read more